The Great Psychological Crime

The Destructive Principle of Nature in Individual Life

by John E. Richardson
Volume 2 of the Harmonic Series

Introduction to The Great Psychological Crime

The title of this volume may sound mysterious to some readers – what crime is so great that is “only” psychological? In Natural Science, “psychological” refers to the psyche, or soul, of a human being, the essential nature.  A crime against the essential nature, depriving it of its powers and capacities (that which make us human), strikes at the Giver of the Gift, God or Nature, invoking a commensurate penalty.

The Harmonic Series presents the known facts of Nature relating to soul unfoldment, the evolutionary pathway of humanity, as they occur in both the physical and spiritual realms. Natural Science declares the soul to be the ultimate individuality of each human being, the seat of will, self-consciousness, independent volition, reason, and the power to love. The soul is invisible, immeasurable and unknown except by itself, existing within various bodies, the sensory organisms that experience material conditions on earth and on the spiritual planes and communicate information to the soul.

The soul is the life, the divine spark, of each person.  Without the soul, there is no human life.  In other words, it is the soul with its powers and capacities that distinguishes humanity from all other life. These characteristics are: independent, self-conscious and rational volition, making man responsible for his actions by the operation of his independent will, his self-awareness, his knowledge of the effects of his causes and his power to reason abstractly. These human characteristics, gifted to every human being, form the basis for both self-control and personal responsibility, cornerstones of self-mastery and soul consciousness.

Your gifts incur a corresponding duty to use them correctly. Throughout the Harmonic Series, the authors present detailed evidence that Nature’s plan is to develop ever more intelligent, compassionate, ethical individuals, with the potential to persist as souls eternally. Immortality is Nature’s reward for correct use of your soul powers and capacities, responsibly aligning yourself with Her Constructive Principle by ever more ethical behavior, according to your evolving concepts of equity, justice and right. Thus humanity’s evolutionary destiny is towards immortality, through independent, individual self-mastery and cooperation with Nature’s moral laws.  Each individual is personally responsible for her or his own soul, or ethical, development. This is the way of life and of happiness, Nature’s rewards for obedience to Her plan. 

The essential lesson is to guard the gifts of your humanity, while exercising them constructively in close relationship with God or Nature.  In order to evolve ethically, you must be free to use all your God-given powers and capacities: you must be able to love unconditionally, to live the truth you know, reaping the effects of your own causes, and ultimately, to serve the higher good of all living. This is why liberty is the cornerstone of societies that exist for the benefit of the people. It is also why liberty is so frightening to fundamentalists and dogmatists:  morality is achieved not by fiat but by the evolving individual desire for truth. Each individual intelligence must have the freedom to find her or his own path towards greater life and greater good.  Each individual intelligence has her or his own, personal relationship with God or Nature, needing no middleman between them.  Just as a child falls many times before learning to walk while loving parents look on, humanity falls many times before learning to stand in moral truth.

Totalitarian control of peoples prevents their evolutionary development. Taking away self-determination, and thus personal responsibility, deprives people of their God-given rights, and is a destructive act. Attempts to highjack the soul of another human being, to take over its choices and direction, if successful, divert it to the path of misery, slavery and death. This type of crime may occur on an individual level, a family level, an ethnic level, a religious level, or a national level. In each case, the perpetrators connect themselves irretrievably with those they repress, reaping an even greater penalty than the suffering they inflict.

Invoking the action of Nature’s Destructive Principle causes most human suffering. Because Nature’s moral laws are ignored by many people, human laws, creeds, and cultural mores can be destructive in their effects. Bodies may suffer, minds may be stilled by fear and false teachings, societies may stagnate by repressive practices. Yet this very suffering alerts individual intelligence to discover the truth: how to live life constructively and in harmony with Nature’s laws. Each human being is responsible for learning how to align her or himself with Nature’s Constructive Principle, using the soul powers and capacities with which each individual intelligence is endowed.

The greatest possible error is the voluntary abdication of an individual’s soul powers and capacities or their outright theft. This is the great crime to which the title of this volume refers. Hypnotism and mediumship are the chief methods by which this crime is accomplished. Hypnotism is the relinquishment of an individual’s will, voluntary powers and sensory organism to control by a hypnotist.  Mediumship is the relinquishment of an individual’s will, voluntary powers and sensory organism to control by a spiritual entity or “spiritual control.” Your power of will is the single greatest power you as a living soul possess.  It is the power that leads you out of darkness into light, from ignorance to wisdom, and from death to immortality. Your will enables you to choose right from wrong. Without it you are helpless to evolve.  Without it you must sink beneath the lowest level of human consciousness into animal consciousness. Bereft of your sovereign will you will ultimately devolve until you lose coordination with the Soul Life Element, the coup de grace of the Destructive Principle in Individual Life.

The Great Psychological Crime involves two individuals: the victim is always a human being, while the criminal may be another human or a spiritual entity. The crime inevitably connects the perpetrator and the victim in a devolutionary spiral.  The destructive effects pass in full measure to the one selfishly seeking sensation by taking over the will, volition and senses of another embodied soul.

Ignorance of Nature’s law does not prevent the offender from experiencing the penalties for breaking it. The ends do not justify the means.  Rather, the means determine the ends. Spiritual experiences and soul unfoldment are achievable by lawful means, and in accord with Nature’s Constructive Principle.  Indeed, spiritual evolution and soul unfoldment are Nature’s plan for each individual intelligence.  Like all Her methods, however, the goal must be earned by personal effort sustained over the time necessary to fulfill her moral requirements.  The Great School of the Masters has passed down knowledge of this moral formulary for thousands of years.  It is always available to the true seeker.

You are born protected from encroachment by those beings that would harm your soul by trying to usurp its powers.  There is a natural magnetism surrounding each individual intelligence, repelling trespassers.  Ignorance can lead you to open the gates of your sanctum sanctorum to incursion by either a hypnotist or a spiritual control, thus forfeiting your sovereign powers as an individual intelligence.  Once that occurs, you are connected with the violator in a devolutionary freefall until a third individual can aid you both by informing you of the steps necessary to come back into alignment with Nature’s Constructive Principle.

In this volume the author reveals many of the subtle, malevolent schemes devised by former human beings, spiritual entities now inhabiting the first spiritual plane, closest to physical life, to satisfy their sensual appetites by inducing women and men to indulge various vices. The victim of spiritual controls often believes she or he is dealing with angelic beings in the service of humanity. A common scenario is a period of receiving well-known, noble truths, followed by a command to drink alcohol, engage in promiscuous behavior, or smoke some type of drug. The addicted spiritual controls derive satisfaction by controlling the sensory organism of the victim, or medium.

You will realize, as never before, the danger involved in opening yourself indiscriminately to so-called guidance, which almost always comes from the first spiritual plane.  You will know with certainty that voices claiming to be Jesus Christ or other saints and teachers, most probably are not these great beings at all, but rather conniving former drunkards, drug addicts and criminals seeking entertainment and sensual satisfaction.  You will awaken to the fact that a voice suddenly hailing you from within, through your spiritual ears, is not to be trusted. If you were hailed on city streets by a panhandler, his appearance might move you to charity, but you certainly would not invite that individual home and make him your personal guide in life. 

Your advantage on the physical plane is your ability to see, while often at first contact with ex-human beings, you only hear their deceitful, albeit tempting messages. Why are you tempted? The temptation is your own desires pulling you: could I be chosen to give special information to humanity?  Will I become famous and rich by channeling the words of a saint? Is this the beginning of my real path in life?  You have been chosen, it is true, but it is because you have been cannily assessed with regards to your weaknesses, rather than your spiritual stature. Whatever your motive for wanting spiritual contact, selfish or altruistic, becoming a medium is very dangerous, and this volume tells you why.

Evolution is often viewed backwards, endlessly argued from its speculative point of origin until the present.  Natural Science does not waste time on arguments about things that cannot be known.  Rather, it focuses attention upon the present moment emerging into the immediate and long-term future: what are your present conditions? How do they mirror your state of consciousness? How are they teaching you where strength is needed or moderation required, illustrating the Golden Rule in every aspect of life experience?  How do you read Nature’s love notes to your soul upon the screen of your life? How do you implement the changes you desire to make within your own character? How do you achieve self-control? How do you evolve into your destiny as a living soul?

Man is given the opportunity to choose, at each conscious moment, whether to evolve or devolve.  Nature’s Destructive Principle signals the individual by pain, illness, angst, and despair, when she or he has turned away from greater life towards death. The Great Psychological Crime denotes the greatest possible turning, setting two individuals upon the devolutionary path to soul extinction. This volume of the Harmonic Series was written as a service to humanity, to warn individuals away from the pathway of death and destruction. Along with knowledge gained about the many dangers in our world, this information is crucial to all who seek soul unfoldment.

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