The Great Known

What Natural Science Knows of the Spiritual World

by John E. Richardson
Volume 4 of the Harmonic Series

Introduction to The Great Known

In this volume, the author reveals some of the facts of life on the spiritual planes and during the transition from physical to spiritual experiences and existence. Being an independent psychic whose spiritual senses were re-opened constructively under the guidance of a master, the author also received information from a number of spiritual friends during the latter part of his life and was able to confirm for himself much of what he learned.

Since personal experience is the only true test and demonstration to the Soul of a fact of Nature, much of the information in this volume will be speculative until you can prove its veracity with the powers of your own soul.  Nevertheless, as all truths harmonize and build upon each other, the reports chronicled here will appeal to your reason and fit with other truths you already possess. The science offered is calculated to fit with the most important ethical principles of the living of a life on Earth, in order to emphasize the importance of physical life and the great opportunities for spiritual advancement it affords.

Many of the facts revealed contradict misconceptions promulgated by various religions.  If you are reading this volume with religious convictions, such information might prove startling and upsetting.  Yet you only have to recall human history and the various delusions, such as the flatness of the earth, which many people desperately clung to despite evidence to the contrary. Most people cherish concepts that support a sense of traditional, safe certainty.

Truth destroys illusion. The bursting of the envelope of personal knowledge that reveals the undiscovered universe, while igniting delighted wonder in the truth seeker, calls forth unreasoned fear in the ordinary individual, provoking passionate resistance. Whatever your reaction to truth may be, it will not influence the facts of Nature.

The most constructive attitude of soul, and the way of our evolution, is to embrace truth even as it changes your mental landscape. After all, we cannot found our lives upon falsehood – the only way forward to more life, light and love is through the reality of what is true.

For those who are seeking reliable sources of knowledge to guide their search for truth, this volume contains valuable clarification upon many subjects, such as the relationship between men and women on the spiritual planes; spiritual children; spiritual education, occupations and government; spiritual animals; the transition we call death; cremation; reincarnation; sleep, dreams, and many more.

The facts of spiritual science have been discovered and confirmed, subject to scientific method in their demonstration, by spiritual scientists and masters of Natural Science who bridge the physical and spiritual worlds of Nature’s material creations.  Although this book was written almost 100 years ago, its truths remain relevant and useful today, just as all scientific facts, no matter when they were discovered, remain a part of humanity’s treasured knowledge of the real world.  Interestingly, the author indicates that there are subjects of which even the great masters of the spiritual planes claim ignorance.  It is refreshing to know that upon higher levels of evolutionary growth, the individual soul retains a humble honesty and approaches truth just as we do here, with reverence and the attitude that its reservoirs of revelation are endless. At every step of evolution, further truth is revealed only when the soul is capable of understanding and using it constructively.  There are truths beyond our knowing or comprehending, and we, along with our spiritual big brothers and sisters, will have to wait until we evolve more to receive them.

The author cites an admonition given to him by a Master who was helping him to unfold his soul powers and capacities.  It embodies the spirit of scientific truth seeking that is taught by this School:

“Remember that those who identify themselves as students with the work of self-unfoldment and development, thereby enroll themselves as Seekers for Truth.  As such, they must have, or must develop, this courage to face the truth at every turn of the road.  And whenever and wherever they find it they must be ready to welcome it as one of the valued treasures of the Soul.  However comforting you may find an error, a fallacy, or an untruth, you must never hesitate nor be afraid to examine it in the light of Truth, and when so discovered, you must have the courage to set it aside as a false and destructive thing, and follow the Truth wherever that may lead you.  Truth is the goal of every honest student.  He must honor it above all things else, and he must accept it as the Rule and Guide of his Life.  Its rewards are the richest he can ever earn, and his faith in its beneficence and constructive energies must never falter.

“The method of The Great School of the Masters demands of the student that he submit every problem to the test of his own powers of analysis.  He must solve it for himself if that be possible and, if not, then only may he ask and receive the help that will enable him to master it.  But he must never stop until he knows the Truth and makes it his own.  Thus he is made to realize the sublime importance of Self-Reliance, in the world of spiritual things, as well as in the things of this physical life and environment.”

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