Harmonics of Evolution

The Struggle for Happiness and Individual Completion through the Principle of Polarity or Affinity

by Florence Huntley
Volume 1 of the Harmonic Series

 Harmonics of Evolution by J. Otto Schweizer

Introduction to The Harmonics of Evolution

Florence Huntley began writing The Harmonics of Evolution in 1894 as she was receiving the Instruction from John E. Richardson. She was his first student, co-founder of the Great School of Natural Science, and later his wife.

Mr. Richardson wrote of her in 1912: “I have come into personal contact and acquaintance with many of the most brilliant and intelligent women of the world during the last 35 years, and among them all Florence Huntley stands alone and unique, as the most wonderful, powerful, versatile, many-sided, beautiful and capable woman I have ever known. As compared with her, the rest of womankind are but children, in mental grasp and maturity, and Lilliputians in point of intellectual stature and power…I want the world today, and in the years and centuries to come, to give her the credit due her…”

Florence Huntley was at the forefront of feminine intelligence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in America. The Harmonics of Evolution was her love letter to her soul mate: the elegant organization and synthesis of everything he had taught her.

She described the ideal of the woman/man relationship as she knew it from her own experience. For those times, that ideal and her descriptions of feminine nature were true.

John Richardson also wrote that, in time, woman and man would grow into an ever closer and more subtle harmony. He never claimed to know the details of our future evolutionary unfoldment. He and Florence projected an ideal that was true for them and which illustrated the truths they had learned about the twin poles of intelligence.

Today, a century later, much has changed.

No longer does man exclusively rule both the home and the world. Woman has gained the right to vote and she enjoys equal rights with man under the law. Divorce is now a legally sanctioned option for those who are mismatched in marriage.

No longer does intellectual superiority in a woman necessarily mean humiliation to a man. No longer are women “so susceptible to spiritual forces that they can scarcely bear the strain of public life.”

The sexes have evolved and their essential natures will always be complementary, but the subtlety of how this has worked itself out in relationships in America over the last 100 years is very different from what was envisioned at the time this book was written.

Today we understand the principle taught by John Richardson and Florence Huntley ever more forcefully: the twin aspects of intelligence, the positive and the receptive, reside within each individual. The alternating expression of their opposite qualities runs like a current through both women and men. A successful pairing always represents a complementary union of energies, but the positive and receptive poles of intelligence do not necessarily prevail solely in one partner. Over many years, the energetic pattern of relationship is a tapestry of exchange whose background is mutual admiration and respect, with positive and receptive strands alternating between the partners as they co-design their life together.

Significantly, we now recognize how crippling to woman’s development cultural practices and prejudices have been, and how most of what was assumed to be woman’s nature was in fact forcefully imposed upon her by a patriarchal society.

Men, as well, have suffered from these same cultural dictates.

Women now compete and excel in all areas of our society: education, the arts, science, sports, business, the professions, and even the military. In free societies where the Soul Life Element and individual pursuit of happiness are unimpeded by repressive civil governments, we have witnessed a flowering of feminine intelligence.

In reprinting The Harmonics of Evolution based on its last revision in 1928 by Mr. Richardson, we underscore its significance as a milestone for the women of its time. The principles of truth endure, while the examples often speak of a by-gone era. Today’s student will appreciate how far we have evolved.

Progressive people are struggling to establish a new harmonic ideal in the relationship between woman and man for the 21st century. This is the action of the Law of Polarity coupled with individual choice in the realm of intelligence. Although written in the old style of including the feminine within the masculine, John Richardson’s description of the law in The Great Work, 1906, still stands:

“Evolution in Operation

  1. Nature evolves a Man.
  2. Man, co-operating with nature, evolves a ‘Master.’
  3. The Master-Man, co-operating with and controlling the forces, activities and processes of nature, evolves a Co-Creator within the Universe___________?”

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