The Harmonic Series

The Harmonic Series textbooks, also referred to as the Natural Science Study Course Editions, explain the working of Natural Laws in spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

To all souls seeking knowledge of self-development and evolutionary progress, the GSNS publishes five textbooks available at cost, and offers them online for free downloading worldwide »

The Harmonic Series imparts knowledge necessary for building character in harmony with moral Natural Law. It informs the soul of the effects of destructive actions and selfishness upon spirituality. This knowledge has been gathered from the experiences of masters and spiritual scientists over millennia, and can guide the soul seeking to know truth.

The Harmonic Series textbooks

Harmonics of Evolution, Volume 1 of the Harmonic Series, states that evolution of individual souls is the most important form of evolution contained in the processes of Nature, and that the Darwinian view is deeply flawed. Also there is the concept that men and women are of equal value in the evolution of the human race, one gender not being better than the other.

In The Great Psychological Crime, Volume 2, hypnotism and mediumship (channeling) are presented as two aspects of the psychological crime of mind control in which the will and sensory organisms of a victim are taken over by another human being who resides either in the physical world or the spiritual world.

The Great Work, Volume 3, offers a description of the four different kinds of information entitled “Classification of data.” Listed are the four different kinds of information, they are:

  • Some things we know, and we know that we know them.
  • Some things we assume to know, but we know that we do not know them.
  • Some things we believe, but we do not know them, nor do we even assume to know them.
  • All other things, we neither know, nor assume to know, nor do we even believe them.

The Great Known, Volume 4, asserts there is a “world” of spiritual individuals and a complete environment for the continuation of life beyond physical death. Natural Science reveals its spiritual studies. It is said, for example, that “the handshake of two spiritual individuals is just as solid as that of two physical people.”

In The Great Message, Volume 5, we read of great spiritual teachers in human history, many teaching essentially the same message as did Jesus of Nazareth. We are also given some details of how Jesus’ teachings were subverted by a competing organization similar to the Pharisees, and how the original organization was infiltrated and taken over from the inside by a process summarized as “elimination and substitution.”

This is only a small sample of what you will find if you decide to investigate further.

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