The Great Message – My Spiritual Journey

I first heard of the Great School of Natural Science and John Richardson back in 1992. I had been reading a book by Napoleon Hill – Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, and near the end of the book he wrote of The Great Message. I researched and followed-up at local libraries to find the book. The book ended up coming to me from a library out in Oregon, back to Michigan where I live.

I waited six weeks for the book to arrive, and when it finally did I couldn’t put it down. I read through its entirety in one sitting. Then I read it again, much slower this time, absorbing the knowledge. I read the book a third time and then made a personal book report summary for myself, and then sent the book back to the library in Oregon.

It was 14 years later when a friend of mine asked me which book I would choose out of all the books I own that had been the most powerful and life changing for me. No one had ever asked me this before. I pondered the question for a few minutes as I glossed over all the titles in my library. Then I told my friend Gary, the book I would choose is a book that I don’t own even though I have a vast personal library. The Great Message I said, finally in response to his question.

Later that evening at dinnertime I told my wife about the conversation with my friend Gary, earlier in the day, and the answer I had given him. It was the holiday season in late of 2006 and my wife decided to surprise me with a gift – the 1928 version of The Great Message she had found and purchased at an antique book dealer!

I didn’t know there was a school. When I found out I ordered all the updated textbooks in the course work. Then I zoomed through all the works several times and applied for studentship with The Great School of Natural Science.

This marked the beginning of my journey with the Great School.

Spiritual journeys that change or influence the way you think or perceive your life teach us how to live. That I have learned.

I have learned that building worthy character is measured by practical application of knowledge to the problems of life and the living of my life has everything to do with constructive alignment with Natural Law.

Now, when I reflect back on these books by J. E. Richardson and Napoleon Hill, I realize the importance of taking possession of my own mind, doing my own thinking, and living life so as to not interfere with the lives of others. I now look at the realities of life as they are and not as I wish them to be and try to help others to find and develop their own powers to make themselves what they want to be.

“He is twice blest who in the mastery of Self, becomes the willing servant of humanity; for herein you are self-blest, and blest by those you serve.” – Self-Unfoldment (2004) pp. 238-239 – J.E. Richardson


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