My Story

I grew up in a Christian family. We attended church regularly which included Sunday school for me. But I was branded early on as somewhat of a heretic. The church’s literal interpretation of the events in the Bible did not make any sense to me, and when I expressed my opinions on the subject I was provided with less than Christianly counsel by my Sunday school teachers. Accordingly I grew up with some religious background in terms of pomp and ritual but very little in the way of actual spirituality. I had dismissed organized religion as a means of spiritual growth by the age of 21.

By the age of 38 my lack of spirituality became a gaping hole in my life. I began seeking for an alternative to organized religion. In my search I managed to stumble my way into self-hypnosis and after a year of practicing it was well on my way to psychic subjection (of course at the time I did not even know what that term meant.) But I started to realize that something was wrong; the sessions were lasting longer; I was not remembering anything that happened during the sessions; I started feeling like I was gravitating toward a black hole.

And then one day I heard a voice speak my name and I knew intuitively that I had made a huge mistake. I came out of my self-imposed “trance” with a start, shaking from head to toe, and an absolute conviction to never practice hypnotism again. But I had no idea how to proceed from there and felt completely lost.

The very next day my wife was speaking to a good friend and mentioned in passing my attempts to achieve spiritual growth via self-hypnosis. Our friend immediately gave my wife a copy of The Great Work by John Richardson with orders for me to read it.

It was like I had “come home.” By the end of that volume I realized that what this philosophy taught was exactly what I had been looking for but failed to find with traditional organized religion. It outlined a clear, concise, reasonable picture of how this creation has been observed to work and how we fit into it. It did so with dignity, humility and respect for readers of all beliefs. It did not dogmatize about things unknown. I devoured it within days and asked her for the next book in the series. She provided me with The Great Psychological Crime which, after reading it, resulted in my firm conviction that I had been opening myself up to serious harm with self-hypnosis.

Now, 24 years and a lot of constructive spiritual experiences later, I believe that the voice I heard speaking my name that day was one of my Guides warning me against further attempts to achieve spiritual growth through any form of hypnosis.

In fact, it took me over five years to regain the power of Will that I lost in a single year of practicing self-hypnosis. This was demonstrated to me in a way that I will not go into here. But it was proven to me beyond any personal doubt that hypnosis is destructive and damaging to the willpower of the individual who practices it.

To make a long story short, I read the rest of the series, immediately applied for studentship in the GSNS and completed my course work in 5 years. I have spent the last 19 years attempting to return in some measure for what I have received, by serving in various roles within the organization. All who labor on behalf of this School do so with no financial compensation. It is a labor of love. Our goal is simply to continue the “Endless Chain of Gifts” from which we have already benefited so greatly.

According to Natural Science, the principles at the basis of constructive spiritual unfoldment have not changed since the beginning of time. They have only been twisted and tortured by those who seek to hold power and control over their fellow men.

The Philosophy of Individual Life through the Great School of Natural Science presented those principles to me along with a framework for living my life that has resulted in a level of peace, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment that I would never have dreamed possible. I will be grateful for the rest of my life to those who guided me to these teachings.

In closing I want to include one of my favorite quotes from the Harmonic Series:

“TRUTH employs no custodian to stand over its treasures lest Man should possess himself of them. It empowers NO ONE with the authority to say who shall or shall not come into accord with it and enjoy its blessings, nor to prescribe what shall or shall not be accepted as Truth. Nor does it authorize any agency to obstruct the way against any Searcher. No man or aggregation of men is invested with the right to formulate Truth for mankind, or to trammel its free expression with limitations of their own making.”

– MD

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