A Tale of Unfoldment

This is a tale of unfoldment by way of the gift of the Philosophy. It tells of dream messages and a subsequent life path that occurred following the discovery of the 1906 edition of Harmonics of Evolution in1997, The Great School of Natural Science in 2003, and acceptance as a student and completion of the coursework by the end of 2009. In other words, it begins toward the end.

But first let’s commence with the texts: The Great Work, Chapter XXIII, Inalienable Rights

There is a principle of “Service” which, from the standpoint of Soul Growth and Spiritual Development, far transcends any of the “Inalienable Rights” or Unavoidable Obligations,” as these are generally defined and understood. p. 228

The broader view of this one supreme and Inalienable Right of Individual Existence is, that Life itself is of no value, either to an individual or to the world, except in so far as it is made a life of Service to the Cause of Humanity…and the only Life that is worth anything is the life of Service to Humanity. p. 229

…in all our efforts for individual unfoldment and progress we are never to lose sight of the fact that each one of us constitutes a unit of force and purpose in the great Body of Humanity of which we are a part, and that we owe it to Society, as well as to ourselves, to be a healthy unit in that capacity and to render to Society the highest measure of healthful Service of which we are capable. p. 234

And: The Great Work, Chapter XXVII, Living of a Life:

There being but one fixed and definite Standard of life for each individual, and that being the highest ideal of Equity, Justice and Right (as determined by the Soul Attributes of the individual himself at any given time), it follows that each individual is bound by the great Law of Personal Responsibility, to conform his Life to that Standard. p. 282

Now let’s move on to the dreams:

May 13, 2010

I became lucid in a dream. Something triggered me to realize I was dreaming and I tried anti-gravity for confirmation. Off I went flying! I remembered to not control the dream, instead asking to be shown the most important thing I needed to know.

I was immediately transported to the next scene where I was sitting at a table with compromised individuals, homeless men, and a young girl who was neglected, couldn’t read and was behind in normal growth. One of the men had a wound on his hand that would not heal. I took my hand and covered his, with the knowing that I could heal him as I was on a spiritual plane.

I was then approached by a kindly librarian who said I could volunteer to read to the child. I also saw Joan, a wonderful social worker with whom I worked years ago and she said, “It doesn’t surprise me that you are out here helping.” She was also aiding some individuals. After a few moments I asked the injured man to see his hand and it was completely healed.

At the conclusion, I found myself in a magnificent building, and as I walked down the hall I was warmly greeted by an elderly benevolent man I knew to be a teacher, who asked me, “Well, how was it?” I was ecstatic and said, “it was fabulous!” to which he responded, “Ah yes, you got it!” I then had understanding that I had been given certain attributes and there was a testing of my ability and willingness to use them.

May 16, 2010

Dream 2:20 am: I am exercising around a beautiful office building and others are also doing the same. I am walking very fast and one of the people I pass is an African American man who is an attorney. At some point we cross paths again and he comes to speak to me in a very powerful way. He starts talking about racial politics, he is brilliant and I also understand he is a professor. He says there is a most important principle in all of humanity which is, what happens to the least of us happens to all of us. In the next scene I am in a lecture hall and he is speaking before a large group of students. He tells me that I am going to provide him papers to move a case forward, and I have an understanding that I had known about them but had forgotten. Now I’m going to go back and see what I can find.

And finally we come to the results:

These dreams came during a time I felt rudderless. My husband had died in 2007 and I had been diagnosed with melanoma requiring surgery in 2009. By 2010 I was still grieving and felt a lack of direction and purpose. At the same time I was constantly reading and gaining new understanding of the GSNS philosophy, and healing on many levels was taking place.

Amazingly, it was when my instructor with The Great School sent me reading material early in 2011 that the final pieces of the puzzle revealed the landscape. I rushed back to my dream journal and was shocked to see the juxtaposition of the two dreams. How could I have missed it? I had immediate and profound clarity.

Years ago I had been told by an acquaintance of a volunteer opportunity advocating for neglected and abused children in dependency court but had never followed through. Now was my time and I embraced the work with commitment and deep appreciation.

I continue to work toward a life of personal responsibility and moral accountability, fixed upon me by Nature, and I have, and always will have challenges in my life. I have miles to go.

Yet as a result of the philosophy and my new work, I am rewarded with an ever-growing understanding of how to live my life, how to provide service to others and to be compensated by love and compassion for humanity. My gratitude for every aspect of the Great School and the direction it has provided is unbounded.

– AB

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