A Journey of Remembrance

There was a time when The Great School of Natural Science was land-bound in that many of its able-bodied workers lived on the school property, 79 acres of land nestled amidst the majestic redwoods of Northern CA.

The narrow, winding dirt road to the top of the mountain summit, especially for those who were not familiar with the terrain, was foreboding in that one careless act of inattention would plummet you into oblivion with immediate certainty of bodily extinction. The amazing irony is that Dr. O’Riley who purchased this property for school purposes met his untimely demise while driving on old Spanish Ranch Road.

As a young woman in my mid-thirties, and a disciplined student of Natural Science, I wanted to know who these people were that carried on this “Great Work.”

As I neared the top of the summit, the healing powers of eucalyptus trees flooded my being in a way that felt personal to me, almost as if nature was speaking to me that all was well with her. I could hear the powerful echo of a dog barking, alerting the residents that someone had entered these secluded premises. I later came to know “King,” a magnificent German Shepherd, who understood his meaning of “duty.”

Two of the elders, both women, emerged from their homes and greeted me. One of these women was Noneta Richardson, the second wife of John E. Richardson. Florence Huntley, J.E. Richardson’s first wife, and author of Harmonics of Evolution, had passed many years previously. The other woman, Elizabeth Skeels, whose overall countenance was arrestingly beautiful, considering her advanced years, was my assigned instructor in the coursework. Although I had no expectations or preconceived notions of what and whom to expect, I felt an immediate kinship with these women in soul purpose.

Noneta lived for 45 years on the school property, tirelessly laboring for the good of the Work, along with Elizabeth who passed on before Noneta. A younger couple also lived for years on the school property, along with their two children. They managed to hold the school together during those lean years.

Parts of my past memories surround soul excellence. Both women exhibited extraordinary soul qualities. I have always known that perfection of character is not an attainable goal in this realm of existence, but in this case, I will make an exception and say that Noneta Richardson was as close to “near perfect” as anyone I have ever encountered. Her intelligence, compassion and poise were stunning.

Little did I realize that one day my life would become committed to the mission of this Great School of ours, devoted to the intellectual and spiritual (soul) education of others, who like I, have sought to discover their rightful place within the universe, only to realize that all of life has to do with human relationships, evolving the soul entity throughout and within those relationships.

Soul journeys that empower individual intelligence with wisdom, knowledge and experience, guide us and demonstrate how to live. Thus, the power of individual exemplification becomes the model for those who would follow.

– LT

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