Spiritual Journeys

The articles here by “Friends of the Work” illustrate how they came to start their journey, and how they’ve been affected.

All spiritual journeys are the same; they only vary in intention and purpose. We want to know that our life matters and there is purpose to our lives. Why are here? Is there life beyond the incident called death? Shall I live again?

Our spiritual journey takes on many forms throughout a lifetime. What is required of me and is there such a thing as Moral Evolution? What is the measure of my Personal Responsibility? How do I proceed?

“Man’s responsibility is based upon the ‘Moral Order’ of Nature, or upon ‘Moral Law.’ The measure of personal responsibility is ‘Knowledge of the Moral Law.'”
From: “The Great Work,” Volume 3, Chapter XV, Knowledge

Consider that memories of a lifetime are timeless recollections that act as soul traces into our past and present experiences, even previous lifetimes. Memories remind us that each and every one is an amazing compilation of soul experiences evolving throughout the evolutionary process.

Spiritual energy endures as surely as physical energy and matter endure.

Spiritual energy and matter cannot be measured in a laboratory therefore its existence is unknown to physical science.

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