What is Natural Science

Natural Science is not something new. It is as old as man himself!

Natural Science is the science of the Laws of Nature which control the origin, operation and destiny of all living things. Natural Science embraces and includes all branches of science which have to do with Nature’s laws, whether they be Physical Science, Spiritual Science or Psychical (of the soul) science. Natural Science recognizes the Laws of Nature as established by Nature or God, The Great Architect of the Universe, for the creation and operation of everything we find existing in this vast universe of ours.

Through the use of Natural Science many of the great mysteries of life have been unraveled. As a result of this accumulation of exact knowledge, there is today a vast Reservoir upon which humanity may draw as rapidly as it is qualified to receive and use it only for the good of humanity.

In ancient times there were Individuals who devoted their lives to scientific research and the study and investigation of the Great Problems of Life. And in every age, so far as we have definite knowledge, there have been a few, often a very few, who have solved many of these Great Problems.

Religion, as currently viewed, is a set of beliefs asserted to be true by whatever organization promotes it. Since the beliefs of hundreds of religions are at odds with each other, they cannot all be true, as truth cannot contradict itself. Truth seekers searching for deeper understanding of spiritual awareness and spiritual growth often find that philosophy affords better answers.

The discoveries of Natural Science refer to the established facts of Nature, classified and systematized, not only of the physical world but also of the spiritual world and of the souls that inhabit both. The spiritual world is also a part of Nature, and as such must conform to its own set of spiritual laws as does the physical world, or else chaos would reign. Natural laws and processes of the spiritual world are subject to scientific investigation.

The The Great School of Natural Science’s study Course of Instruction teaches that the Soul is the primary essence of an individual human being. Thus it is said that a Soul has a body, not the other way around, “the body has a Soul.” In fact, the Soul possesses two bodies while physically embodied, physical and spiritual. Upon making the transition from the physical world to the spiritual one, the Soul leaves the physical body behind.

The spirit continues on with life as a Soul possessing one body, as spiritual body. The spiritual body is just as real as a physical body, but since it is composed of material particles of a higher vibrational frequency than the physical ones, it is undetectable by the sensory apparatus of a physical body. A soul need not to try to depend on its physical body for seeing and otherwise sensing spiritual people and things, but instead uses the spiritual senses allied with its spiritual body.

Purpose of The Great School of Natural Science

The purpose of The Great School is to instruct its students one-one-one, throughout our Natural Science Study Course Curriculum. Students align themselves with ethical principles, knowledge of spiritual values and science that accelerate soul-unfoldment within the evolutionary process itself. These are “Spiritual Journeys” that lead onward and upward to lives of happiness and service to others.

This is the ultimate spiritual journey we can barely imagine at our present state of development, the existence of which is assured by those who have gone before us, those searching for answers to the question,”Does life here and in the hereafter have a common purpose and a common development?” It is like someone in graduate school telling an undergraduate what lies ahead. Would the Intelligence behind all creation set a limit and say, “You shall go no further”?

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