Soul Growth – Evolution of the Soul

What is Soul Growth?

Soul progress is the central law of our Being and the object of all exertion and experience. To resist the perpetual tendencies of this law is to resist the sublime workings of the universe.

All personal development, whether it be physical, spiritual, mental, moral or psychical (soul) requires a conscious and intentional effort to align oneself with the desired end result. The higher and more noble the purpose or intention, the higher we rise within the realm of the Soul. This is to express the very essence of who we are.

Fools Deride. Philosophers Investigate.

What is the Soul?

“Man is a Soul, with powers, capacities and necessities beyond all of the Life Elements below him. He is a rational entity who inhabits and operates a physical body. He is not the maker, but he is the governor of that body. He has the power to injure or improve that physical body. He has power to leave it at any moment he desires.”
From: “The Harmonics of Evolution,” Volume 1, Chapter VIII, on Man

The Great School in its search for a greater understanding of the human psyche or soul, and in order to determine the underlying life purpose of the Soul, the Intelligent Entity, the Ego, investigates, discovers and imparts its knowledge of Natural Law untethered and unencumbered to mankind.

Oftentimes, a transcendent spiritual moment in the human soul is referred to as a spiritual awakening or is perceived as a greater form of spiritual enlightenment. Natural Science does not base its findings on spiritual or moral dogma, organized religion, astrology, psychic phenomena, mediumship, channeling or hypnotism. It accepts the philosophical conclusions, which men in their search for knowledge and truth have drawn from the facts of science, moral and Natural Law.

What is Truth?

“Truth is the established relation which the facts of Nature sustain to each other and to the individual Soul.”

“The greatest difficulty that confronts any Individual in his or her journey for Truth is the inability to realize the difference between the reality or Truth of a subject under inquiry and his or her own conception of that Truth. It is the exceptional Individual who comprehends there is a distinction.”

“No Truth can be said to be seen and understood until it is comprehended in its relation to all other Truths. If it is not true in its relationships to other Truths, it is not true at all. Nothing but Truth can coincide with Truth, and anything which coincides with Truth must of necessity be true.”
The Great School of Natural Science

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