Who is the Independent Psychic?

It is a well-established fact that two persons, who are in tune with each other, may transfer their thoughts from one to the other at great distances. Now if we reflect that these two persons are Souls, that they partake of the Soul Life Element of Nature, and that it is due to the fact that they do partake of this element that enables them to transfer their thoughts from one to the other at a distance, we may readily conceive of what a natural thing it should be to tune in on Nature and receive the thoughts stored up there.

So-called inventions, are they not discoveries? And if discoveries, where are they discovered? Do inventions spring from the physical brain, or do they lie out there in the Universe where all knowledge is waiting for some Soul who has the Intelligence, the Courage and the Perseverance to go out and discover it? If inventions spring from the brain of the individual securing the patent, why the years of thought, reflection and concentration? Why did the thing not just spring spontaneously from that Individual’s brain with the first thought concerning it? Why the tuning in upon the intuitive forces of Nature and the long process of the mind casting about like a searchlight in the night, getting a glimpse here and a glimpse there; finally forming a concept, applying Reason to the concept, and then bringing into being the thing called invention?

Is it not true that all that has found its way into books has originally come out of the air? Then it must be out there; the books being a short-cut to certain kinds of knowledge, more or less definite or indefinite. As we are continually making new inventions, and as the last book has not yet been published, it is self-evident that the human mind has not as yet succeeded in exhausting Nature’s storehouse of knowledge. And as all knowledge so far acquired, and that ever will be acquired, must primarily come from the Book of Life, whose pages are the millions of souls that have ever lived, it is a self-evident fact that the human mind can and does acquire knowledge without reading it out of books or getting it from mouth to ear. Thus, there is apparently a place in the economy of Nature for the Independent Psychic who gets things out of the air.

But who and what constitutes an Independent Psychic? The answer is anyone whose Intuitive Capacity and Reasoning Powers are active; and with most of us these two functions of intelligence are more or less active, although it is seldom one is found in whom they are equally balanced. Do the intuitions one receives necessarily need to come from some spiritual being projecting the thought into the mind and consciousness of some physically embodied individual? No, that would be a subjective process; another short-cut to save the individual the trouble of acquiring Constructive Spiritual Development; or, in other words, the Rational Development of the Intuitive Capacity.

But how can the Soul reach out into the Universe and get the information it desires? The answer is simple enough – by developing a perfected instrument and knowing how to tune in on Nature’s perpetually vibrating record of every thought and act that has ever happened since time began. Two persons who transfer their thoughts from one to the other do not project their thoughts into one another’s brain; each reads or receives the thought of his own independent volition. Every Soul that has ever lived is a part of Nature’s vibrating record of knowledge and they keep the records new and up-to-date; so all that is necessary is to acquire the ability to tune in and get the desired information.

Someone is apt to inquire as to how one may differentiate between an Independent Psychic and a Subjective Psychic or Medium, since the methods of each at least correspond in some respects. In many respects the methods of both may appear to correspond; for, like the Subjective Psychic, the Independent Psychic may take a lock of hair, a scrap of writing, or some other object and apparently read a person’s past and future from it. But what is the purpose, or what purpose does the lock of hair, scrap of writing or other object serve? There is not the least virtue in any of these except simply to furnish a key to the vibration of the person who possessed them; and, so to speak, enable the Independent Psychic to tune in on that wave length; in other words, attract thought concerning that particular individual.

The lock of hair, scrap of hand-writing, or other object does the same thing in the hand of the Subjective Psychic or Medium, except that it furnishes the vibration to the Medium’s Control. However, the difference in both the method and message given is very great; for the reason that in the case of the independent Psychic, he Independently, Self-Consciously and Rationally reaches out and receives the Intuitions and imparts them in the same, independent, self-conscious and rational manner; whereas in the case of the Subjective Psychic the information comes second-hand, from the Control through the Medium, and without the recipient having the least assurance of the veracity of the Spirit Control or of the truthfulness of the message imparted.

It appears to be the general impression among people that an Independent Psychic should know everything in the Universe, and that nothing could possibly be concealed from him. In many ways it would be just as logical to assume that a doctor, or lawyer, or architect, or minister knew everything and that nothing could be concealed from him. There are Independent Psychics specialized in various lines of endeavor, just as there are professional men specialized in the various arts and sciences. There is, for illustration, the Prophet who can foretell events and who, perhaps, can tell of events that have happened in the past, just as there are those specialized in Journalism. But the specialist in Journalism who tells the truth and insists on the Truth being told, should be distinguished from the sensational reporter who cares nothing for the Ethics of Journalism and who is subject to the control and domination of his particular publication. Likewise, the true Prophet, who reads the pages of Nature’s record of events and who knows and respects the Law governing Nature’s Constructive and Destructive Principle, should be distinguished from the so-called “Test Medium.”

I cannot, to any extent, foretell events; nor would I be likely to tell you when your relatives died, how they died, or when you will die; although I have a good many times seen things “true.” However, it is not a phase of psychic development that appeals to my particular make-up. It is, in fact, as necessary for one to be adapted to that kind of work in the field of psychic development, as it is necessary for one to be adapted to the practice of medicine or any other particular profession. Where it is true that a prophet might be interested in philosophy and be somewhat of a philosopher himself, and that a philosopher might be somewhat of a prophet and foretell events after a fashion, yet each will do the best in his own chosen field.

Almost everyone has some particular psychic bent, if he will but develop it along constructive lines. Some might be prophets, if they would develop prophecy; some might be philosophers; some might be healers, etc., etc. Most of us get things out of the air every day; but we just haven’t paid any attention to getting them independently and self-consciously and making rational use of them. How many of my readers have, at one time or another, got a “hunch” that a certain thing was going to happen? How many have got a “hunch” what to do in some emergency, such as serious sickness? How many have refrained from doing that which they felt was Morally Wrong, when it would have been legally right to have done it to their own temporary benefit, but to the injury of another? Here you have the potential Prophet, Healer and Philosopher.

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