Spiritual Light and Color

The Light Bearers by J.Otto Schweizer

The Light Bearers by J.Otto Schweizer

To those whose spiritual evolution is such as to leave them in the lowest round of the magnetic field, the condition is that of almost, but not quite, complete darkness. From that deep shade of darkness there is a gradual ascending of the scale toward the Light. At that point just before it emerges into the pure spiritual plane, it represents a fair analogy to the bright moonlight of the earth plane.

Running through the entire magnetic field there is also a phenomenon of the color scheme of Nature that is perfectly clear and distinct to one who is able to look at it from the higher spiritual view. But the individual who spiritually belongs in the magnetic field is unable to see these colors except as he has passed through them from the earth side.

In the process of individual evolution and unfoldment from lower to higher planes of spiritual life, there is always a corresponding increase in the intensity of the vibratory state and condition of the material organism, or body, of the individual. This increase in the vibratory activity of the body manifests itself by a corresponding increase of light

In passing from the lower to the higher planes of spiritual life, the individual develops within himself the dynamic powers and elements of LIGHT exactly corresponding with his degree of evolutionary unfoldment. The material body, as it evolves upon the spiritual planes of life, becomes a dynamo of ever-increasing power and light.

The Great Friends who are far above and beyond us in their evolutionary unfoldment, come from their several abodes in the higher realms of spiritual life and clothe themselves in the material conditions of all the intervening planes of life between them and the first spiritual. The light which radiates from them is so intense and the power of its active radiation so irresistible, that the spiritual eyes of the physical individual would be blinded for a time, at least, until they would be able to adjust themselves to the dynamic force and condition of their presence and environment.

Since this condition obtains, one can readily understand and appreciate to what added degree of intensity and dynamic power it would obtain in the case of psychics who have been developed through the subjective process of mediumship. In truth, it would be impossible for the Great Friends to manifest their presence to a medium (unprotected) without destroying his or her spiritual sight entirely, for the time being.

The evidence of personal unfoldment and spiritual progress translates itself to the senses as added LIGHT. While it is true that one takes on the material conditions of the spiritual planes when he comes to the physical plane, it is also true that back of these material conditions, and shining through them, are the higher and more intense vibratory conditions of the finer spiritual bodies within. In other words, each spiritual plane reflects some of its intensity, in the form of light, upon each and all of the planes that lie below it.

This will explain why it is that the presence of one of the Great Souls upon any spiritual plane is always accompanied by a marvelous halo of light. That is why so many upon the earth plane, whose spiritual senses have been temporarily opened, have been so vividly impressed with the conviction that they have seen the Master Jesus. The various physical representations of that Great Master have almost universally been made to show a halo of light either about his head, or enveloping his entire body—as in the artistic representations of the supposed “Ascension” of the Master. These artistic representations have educated the majority of mankind, upon the physical plane, into the idea and the conviction that wherever the Master goes he walks in the midst of a “Great Light.” This, in turn, has been followed by the idea that, if He should ever appear to anyone upon the earth plane, it would be in the midst of a great, miraculous illumination. And it is but one more step for them to assume that this luminosity of presence is the special and exclusive sign, index, or badge of the Master Jesus. Hence, whenever any spiritual individual has manifested itself in the midst of a great radiance of light, this fact alone has been accepted as positive evidence that the individual could be none other than the Master Jesus.

The writings since the Great War mention the fact that the Master Jesus was seen upon the battlefields of Europe by many of the soldiers; and that the evidence of His identity was definitely established by the fact that He appeared in the midst of a wonderful halo of LIGHT.

Now, while I believe in the perfect honesty and sincerity of those who have been so profoundly impressed, nevertheless, I am convinced in my own mind they are mistaken as to the identity of the Great Master. In the first place, any Great Soul from a higher spiritual plane manifesting to individuals upon the earth plane—as in this instance—would appear in the midst of a great and wonderful light. Hence, the presence of light is not the distinctive sign, index or badge of the Master Jesus, but belongs to any and all Advanced Souls upon the higher planes of life who manifest themselves under similar conditions.

I have never ceased to reverence the martyred Master Jesus, yet it has never been my great privilege to see Him, nor in any manner whatsoever to sense His immediate presence. I have been present on occasions when individuals in the physical body have obtained spiritual glimpses of spiritual presences accompanied by light. In every such instance the individual believed he or she was in the presence of the Master. But I, who was present, and personally knew the Luminous One, knew that the individual was mistaken in his assumption as to the personality of the Master.

The various states of consciousness, which are in reality states of the Soul, express themselves so definitely and so accurately through the color scheme of Nature, that the spiritual aura of an individual upon the spiritual planes, through its various gradations and shadings of color, the psychic spectrum, becomes a powerful aid in determining the real experience, emotions, impulses, desires, anticipations and purposes of the individual at any given time. Hence, hypocrisy and deliberated deception are much more easily discovered upon the spiritual side of life than upon the physical. The more advanced the individual is, the more perfectly does the Soul express itself. The higher he develops, the less is there either the desire or occasion for hypocrisy or deception. Upon the first spiritual plane it would be much more possible to conceal hypocrisy than upon the fourth or fifth—until it becomes virtually impossible in the Celestial Realms. Evolution is always TOWARD THE LIGHT. Evolution of the individual involves constantly increasing knowledge. But knowledge—upon the spiritual planes—expresses itself in Light. Light is definitely related to the ability to see. The greater the Light, the more clearly we see (within the power of the organism to react to Light).

And now we come to the significance of these various colors. They are the objective phenomena by which Nature indicates degrees and steps by which the individual evolves through any given spiritual plane in his evolutionary progress toward the Infinite LIGHT which marks the goal of individual endeavor—at least theoretically.

Since each individual takes on the condition of each and every stratum, as well as of each and every intermediate shade and tint, he therefore expresses in his personality the exact evolutionary states at which he has arrived at any given time. To those who have traveled the evolutionary pathway ahead of him his life is thus an open book. To all who are ahead of him, upon the path of individual evolution, his exact status is known by the color of his spiritual body; or, by the emanations of spiritual vitality which constitute his spiritual aura.

– John E. Richardson

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