Life Beyond Death

Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

Physical science is concerned with the facts of physical nature, and assumes that all the facts of Nature are physical facts.

Spiritual science is concerned with the facts of spiritual nature, and makes its appeal to individual human consciousness through the channels of the five spiritual senses.

Natural Science has discovered that in point of their degree of refinement, pertaining to spiritual awareness and self development, there is a harmonic relation between the two worlds of physical material and spiritual material which makes them interdependent and coexistent.

What is Constructive Spirituality?

The broad term, “Constructive Spirituality,” refers to the state or condition of an Intelligent Soul in which it is brought into conscious and immediate contact with the World of spiritual material and spiritual things through the channels of the five spiritual senses.
From: “The Great Work,” Volume.3, Chapter VI, Spirituality.

Is the Afterlife a Reality?

In the physical realm, man is a soul who inhabits and operates a physical body. In the spiritual realm, man is a soul inhabiting a spiritual body, with all its sensory organs, properties, activities and functions. Existence of the spiritual world and afterlife is a fact, not fantasy. This truth has been known throughout the ages by individuals whose attention has been opened to a plane of higher vibrational frequency, color and beauty. Those who have had a spiritual awakening continue to have difficulty in communicating their personal experiences to others whose spiritual senses remain closed.

Countless numbers of people continue to report their transcendent spiritual and soul experiences, commonly known as a spiritual awakening. A greater sense of spiritual awareness precedes all spiritual enlightenment. These experiences are life changing, including a wide range of personal contacts with the spiritual side of life:

  • Visions of the afterlife and NDEs (near death experiences)
  • Lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) on the spiritual plane

Others who have not had such spiritually enlightening experiences, or fail to recognize spirituality for what it is, continue to believe, disbelieve, or suspend judgment on anything beyond their own personal knowledge, which remains focused on the physical plane. It remains a well-considered axiom that, “Those who believe the most know the least.”

The acquisition of knowledge, which involves a personal demonstration of facts, requires investigation and study in acquiring the truths of both physical science and spiritual science. While disbelievers abound and honest seekers are rare, the latter understand that truth is the vital principle at the foundation of all constructive spiritual growth and self-development.

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