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The Great School of Natural Science (GSNS)
The Philosophy of Individual Life

P.O. Box 1104, Sloughhouse, CA 95683 USA

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Information for Prospective Students

All prospective applicants must read the five Harmonic Series textbooks thoroughly before applying for a Student Questionnaire. The Questionnaire has been carefully developed in order to provide the information needed to determine if an applicant appears to be in sufficient harmony with the scope and spirit of the Work to be formally accepted as a student. Applicants should fill out the application extremely carefully and with as much detail as possible.

The Harmonic Series courses are offered free of charge to those who possess a ready understanding of The Philosophy of Individual Life and the necessary communication skills to study and submit written answers online. All Instructors serve without compensation, simply for the satisfaction of helping another deserving soul to evolve.

After successfully passing each course, students will be evaluated by their Instructors, with advancement to the next course dependent upon the student’s demonstration of consistent, intelligent effort, timely submission of lessons, understanding of the material, and right attitude of soul.

Target Students: Well balanced, wholesome members of society; progressive, disciplined truth-seekers of the universal values of life; individuals seeking self-development in harmony with Universal Laws and Principles; serious- minded persons of good will who are interested in unselfish service to others.

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