The Mastery of Self-Unfoldment

Practical Application


  • In laying my plans for the future, what is my ruling motive? Is it selfish? Or, am I duly considering the welfare and benefit of others?
  • If I were put to the test, would I be ready and willing to give to others all that I am seeking to receive from them?
  • Am I seeking for personal advantage over my fellows? Or, am I holding myself always ready to render to them a full equivalent for every benefit I receive from them?
  • Do I ever go out of my way to render an unselfish service to others? Or, do I hold in the background of my consciousness the hope and expectation that my apparent generosity will be rewarded more generously than I have given?
  • Am I a selfish and ungrateful Receiver?
  • Or, am I a generous and unselfish Giver?

Am I an Altruist?


  • Think of Compensation, not as a burden but as a great beneficence if you only treat it justly. If it has ever been your habit to lay out your day along the lines of Selfishness or Greed, make this the dawning of a New Day in your own Evolution and Growth. Instead of devoting your thoughts, and later your endeavors, to obtaining whatever you can, and all that you can, from your fellows, turn now your thoughts, desires and contemplations to making this a day of Giving instead of Receiving.
  • Let your vital purpose and endeavor be to see how far you can go toward paying your just debts; for you need not doubt that this determined Attitude on your own part, will inspire many another to emulate your example and, in so doing, bring back to You some of the rewards which the Great Law holds in store for you. As you Give so shall you Receive.

Therefore, plan a day of Service, for in this you are establishing a “Credit Balance” with the Moral Order of the Universe.


  • The instant you get the reminder to exhibit intolerance, stop where you are. Turn your thoughts back upon yourself. Say to yourself: “I have no Right to criticize or judge anyone harshly. My only right of judgment is that which applies to myself. Instead of concerning myself with the lives and affairs of others, I will make another searching examination of myself, to see wherein my own life fails to exemplify the Law of Constructive Unfoldment. And wherever I find myself at fault, I will immediately set about the task of planting my feet once more upon the pathway that leads to my own Constructive Unfoldment and Growth.”
  • The individual who harbors Intolerance, or yields to the habit of judging His Fellows, thereby destroys his own Spiritual vision and makes impossible the entrance of Spiritual Light and Vitality. He has closed the door to the higher realms of Spiritual Light and Life and has deliberately turned his face to the North and chosen the road to Spiritual Darkness.

I will master every evil tendency and conquer every impulse that would do injury to any human being.


  • Develop a “Sense of Humor,” if you do not already possess it.
  • Then do not lose it; but treasure it as the rarest jewel in the crown of your Character. Do not let the long face of the religious or philosophic fanatic, nor the sour visage of the chronic pessimist chill your appreciation of joyous life and normal living. See that each day contributes its full measure of humorous gaiety and constructive mirthfulness to the uplifting influence of your own life upon the depressing drag of the human failures on every hand.
  • Keep the spirit of youth alive and active within you, that you may shed the sunshine of health and joyousness wherever you go.
  • Finally: Let the quotations of Florence Huntley bring to you this appropriate expression from her own beautiful and practical philosophy of life:
    • “Do not make a tragedy of yourself, nor of your own affairs, nor even of your ills.
    • A good laugh is the best possible defense against malign influences.
    • Seek bright and cheerful people.
    • Talk of happy things.
    • Think joyous and happy thoughts.
    • Learn to take this old world cheerfully.
    • Greet it each day with a song of gladness.
    • Do not let yourself become self-centered.
    • Think more of other people, more of impersonal things -than of yourself.
    • Lose yourself in a wholesome effort to help others.

There is no straighter road to health, happiness and Self-Mastery!


  • Let your whole desire and purpose be to make your life a complete exemplification of the State or Condition from which alone it is possible to make Cheerfulness a true harmonic relation therewith.
  • If you find yourself assailed by the impulse to bitterness, or the desire to say or do something that will wound, or hurt, or jar upon the tender sensibilities of a friend or an associate—stop it instantly! Then, in order to fix the law clearly in your own mind, remember that “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
  • If you are morose and unkind in your Attitude toward your associates, so will you awaken in them a spirit of resentment that will surely react upon yourself and bring sorrow and unhappiness, in compensation, to you. Keep constantly in your mind the fact—for it is a fact—that in just so far as you fail to exemplify the spirit of true Cheerfulness in your life and relations with your fellows—and this includes the members of your own family and household—in just that measure will the Great Law of Compensation bring back to you a perfect equivalent punishment, in the sorrows and regrets that are the natural fruits of your own planting.

“If you wound or hurt others, so shall you be wounded and hurt by others.”


  • If you have any one distinct, well defined and vital weakness of character, which seems to you to stand directly in the Pathway between you and the goal of your Self-Mastery, determine upon that as the focal point of all your energies and efforts to exemplify your absolute Mastery over that particular and individual enemy.
  • If you are afflicted (or think you are) with an irritable temper, conscientiously adopt a definite line of procedure involving Self-Control, and it will be but a very short time until you will find yourself absolute Master of every petty emotion and impulse of your nature, and be as placid and unruffled as a deep pool of limped water beyond the disturbing influence of the winds.

Let this be to you the beginning of a new life of Self-Control.


  • Key yourself to the purpose and intent so to exemplify, in your attitude toward those you meet this day, the outward and inward (internal) expression of Balance and Poise.
  • Say to yourself: “I will so conduct myself that no human being shall discover in me, or in my words or actions, a single evidence of irritability, impatience, intolerance, anger, fear, or any lack of outward Poise.” For, if you can so “act the part” for a single day, that you impress your fellows with your state of calm, peace and gentle forbearance under all conditions, you may know that you have won a truly great victory. This is the absolute evidence that you can live another day even more perfectly.

“Serenity in action and Tranquility in motion”

Intellectual Vanity:

Answer these questions, truthfully, to the best of your knowledge and ability:

  • Do you express yourself, in your relations with others, in what might well be defined as a most “Obtrusive Personality”?
  • Do you live and move and have your being in the personal pronouns “I, Me, Mine,” and does the entire world seem to you to revolve about that center? Does Boastfulness manifest in this way?
  • When you talk business, do you put yourself first and the business a poor second?
  • When you talk philosophy, does your personality predominate to such an extent that the philosophy is but a secondary consideration, and you the chief objective point, in your own mind?
  • When you are in the midst of social surroundings, do you find little or no pleasure, save and except that attention is centered upon you, and what you do, and what you Say, and what you think?
  • Do you seem unable to lose yourself for an instant in an unselfish interest in others?
  • Do you convey the impression that you are forever thinking of just how your interests are going to be effected?
  • Does Obtrusiveness, the “Irrepressible You” stand out everywhere to such an extent as to mar all the beautiful traits of an otherwise genteel and gracious character?
  • Are you dogmatic in your speech and manner?
  • Are you extremely sensitive to suggestions, advice, help, etc.?
  • Do you realize the fact that Intellectual Vanity is one of the deep-seated causes in the background which impels individuals, first, to the critical Attitude of Soul, and thence to the indulgence of personal Criticism?
  • Are you voluble? Are you aware of it in yourself? Are you aware of it in your friends and associates who are afflicted with it?
  • To what extent do you manifest Egotism in “hatred” and “bitterness” against another Individual on account of his or her religion or membership in any Church or Order? Does egoistic intolerance cause you to feel hatred or bitterness toward any of your family, friends, or associates, or even fellow workers?
  • What is your attitude toward the equality of the sexes?
  • When you have answered these questions to your own satisfaction, begin then to transmute the various defects of your character into the opposite characteristics which will represent a balanced, poised, self-controlled Individual.

To the extent that you become just that—in spirit and in truth—to that extent you thereby accelerate your own Growth, Development, and Unfoldment, and become a true Exemplar of the Law of Constructive Self-Mastery, which leads to Self-Completion and Ultimate Happiness.

Peace and Strength be with you!

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