Self Empowerment

Building character, becoming the best we can be, is an important part of developing self empowerment and self improvement. Here are some of the components required:

  • Wakeful Consciousness: Being in the present moment, allows the individual to begin the process of knowing him/herself, starting the process of building character. This is the beginning of self improvement, self empowerment, and spiritual growth.
  • Will: An individual can only make one small change at a time and each small step accumulates and accelerates the process of change towards self improvement. One learns to use one’s power of will. It requires personal effort and persistence working towards self empowerment.
  • Choice: The individual has the choice to change or not. This is the freedom and power of individual choice. Building character towards the goal of self improvement is a matter of choice.
  • Self Control: There is no self empowerment without self control. There is no spiritual growth or spiritual awareness without self control. Each small effort is a step towards the end result of self control and self improvement. Self control and attitude of soul play a part in our overall health. Good health is essential to self empowerment.
  • Soul Attitude: Small adjustments in one’s soul attitude can be critical to self improvement and spiritual growth. There are many facets and refinements to building character.
  • Morality: If spiritual growth and spiritual awareness are important goals, striving to live a life based upon moral principles is essential. Live a life to “the Standard of our own best intelligence and highest ideals of Equity, Justice and Right at any given time.” Vol. 3 p.282
  • Personal Responsibility: An individual learns that it is his/her personal responsibility to begin building character in order to live according to the Constructive Principle of Nature. The work towards spiritual growth and spiritual awareness begins with a wakeful consciousness to know one’s self. Self control, making the right choices, using one’s will and maintaining a constructive soul attitude are all essential parts of building character. Soul growth and self empowerment are impossible without building character.
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