Lions on the Way

Lions on the Way by J.Otto Schweizer

Lions on the Way by J.Otto Schweizer

In the bronze panel, “Lions on the Way,” J.Otto Schweizer poignantly depicts man and woman ascending stone steps with clenched, determined fists, while on both sides metaphorical Lions pose as obstacles along the pathway to individual self-unfoldment and self-mastery.

Throughout the ages it has been demonstrated convincingly that Individuals who purposefully set forth upon a constructive course of life inevitably will encounter significant problems hindering their progress.

As noble and as earnest as the Individual’s search for truth may be, there is always a price to be exacted for the wisdom gained. One must become worthy of the knowledge he or she seeks to possess. A sincere student makes a resolute decision to live out that truth to the very best of his or her capabilities, and now assumed knowledge takes form as Practical Application in the living of a life.

The individual ascending into higher levels of soul expression and self-mastery sometimes experiences a greater sense of aloneness, and even loneliness. This temporary separation of self from others allows for a closer connection between the Central Source of Universal Intelligence and the Individual Being. The Individual understands the traveling must be made alone, and the work of building character is an ongoing process that surmounts the rugged terrain and the difficulties that lie in the path. The individual knows how much personal effort it took to reach the desired end. Lions that used to roar barely can be heard in the distance, spiritual reminders to stay focused and remain ever vigilant.

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