The Importance of Building Character

Have you ever wondered what the truth is about the Soul and life after death? Does it seem possible to you there might be a reason to spend this life building character, and living a right and moral life so that you as a Soul will experience a better life after death?

And, does it seem logical to you, given that science continuously discovers immutable and predictable Natural Laws of cause and effect in our physical Universe, that similar Natural Laws of cause and effect might apply to our Soul and life after death in the spiritual world?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you will be interested in The Great School of Natural Science.

The Great School of Natural Science provides a very clear and systematic explanation of the Soul, and Natural Laws that affect life after death, which includes the importance of building character. Truth is – there is life after death, and there are scientific Natural Laws of cause and effect governing our life after death. Specifically, the extent to which we are successful in building character and living the right life in the physical world will determine the quality of our life after death in the spiritual world.

Building character involves learning to use our power of reason to gain self control of our appetites, passions, emotions, impulses, and desires, and to do the right thing as best we can. This is the purpose of life. The truth is that the Natural Laws pertaining to building character have been known and understood and taught by some Individuals since the beginning of recorded history, and Natural Law is the underlying kernel of truth upon which most religions and “Ancient Mysteries” are based.

The Great School of Natural Science provides the scientific facts about the soul, the importance of building character, and life after death, and explains how these facts of Natural Law provide the pathway for spiritual development.

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