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Truth is always a friend to him who honestly seeks it and a benefactor to him who lives it.

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This site is comprised of contributions by the working membership of the GSNS.

Overview of Site Content

The Harmonic Series: Also referred to as the Natural Science Study Course Editions. These five volumes taken together comprise a philosophy. As such, it must be distinguished from religion. The Harmonic Series describes the evolution of individual souls is the most important form of evolution contained in the processes of Nature, holding that the Darwinian view is deeply flawed. It maintains that men and women are of equal value in the evolution of the human race, not one gender being superior to the other.

Soul Growth: Natural Science discoveries reveal that intelligent life forms in the physical world parallel spiritual life forms in the spiritual world. The Great School of Natural Science does not base its findings on spiritual or moral dogma, organized religion, astrology, psychic phenomena, mediumship, channeling or hypnotism. It accepts the philosophical conclusions which men in their search for knowledge and truth have drawn from the facts of science, moral law and Natural Law.

Spiritual Journeys: Selected articles from the graduates of The Great School’s study courses describe how they came into contact with Natural Science and its Philosophy of Individual Life. Usually contact is made in the most unconventional of ways. These stories offer us glimpses into the transformational process that are not only inspirational but instructional as well.

Life Beyond Death: In the physical realm, man is a soul who inhabits and operates a physical body. In the spiritual realm, man is a soul inhabiting a spiritual body, with all its sensory organs, properties, activities and functions. Existence of the spiritual world and afterlife is a fact, not fantasy. Those who have had a personal spiritual experience continue to have difficulty in relating this to others whose spiritual senses remain closed.

Building Character: Truth sought and won, used intelligently in a life for constructive ends, eventually results in spiritual illumination. As the Soul unfolds in wisdom and love, more opportunities to serve are given. Those who have studied with the GSNS are aware of the moral qualities required to exemplify true Self Development. These qualities are not easy to make part of your permanent possessions, and require years of faithful practice and self-analysis to embody. If the word ‘Mastership’ has any meaning at all, that meaning is forever bound in the Spirit of Good-Will towards all of mankind, men and women alike.

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